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Giving to Support Into the Word

Thank you for listening to Into The Word; if you have appreciated the Into The Word ministry I’d like to personally invite you to pay it forward by supporting several mission projects that are very close to my heart.  Each month we will highlight one of these mission projects, and you can give through Into the Word to show your support.

Monthly Charity Highlight: Litha DayCare Ministry

The Litha Day Care Outreach project in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa is a church-based educational program run by Pastor Andile and Hellen, designed to teach literacy, equip and support low-income families and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with boys and girls in rural South Africa. Their investment into the lives of these rural children focuses on teaching English, an age-appropriate curriculum of math, science, reading, writing, life skills, etc. They focus on sharing biblical truth and giving the gospel at every turn.

I (Pastor Paul) have seen this project with my own eyes; I have shaken the hands of parents whose families have been helped and I have heard the songs and Bible verses out of the mouths of some of these dear children as they have been taught and helped to put their trust in the Lord and nothing would be more gratifying to me than for you to show your appreciation for Into The Word by investing in these little ones. You can do that in 1 of 2 ways. You can give through the Into The Word app or by clicking one of the giving links below.

Canadian and International Parnters

Please select the mission project in the donation box below that you would like to financially support. Canadian donors will receive a charitable donation receipt.

American Partners

Please select the mission project below that you would like to financially support. You will be able to give to each of these mission projects through a US-based charity and will receive a US charitable donation receipt.

Litha DayCare Ministry

At the present time, the podcast is supported 100% by the kindness and generosity of the church where I am the Lead Pastor. They believe in the value of the word read and explained and so have allowed me to spend considerable “work time” on the project. I do about half of the research and writing on my own time and then about half of the work is done at the office during regular hours. The church paid for the equipment and software and pays a young student to do the editing and uploading.

If you would like to support the work you can do so online using the form above. Enter your amount and select the fund 'General Into the Word Support' and then click 'Next' to enter your payment information and complete the transaction.