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All The Links You Need To Jumpstart Your 2023 Bible Reading Plan

Getting off to a good start matters. If you fall behind on your goals right off the bat, they begin to look and feel unattainable. To help you start strong and build early momentum on your Bible Reading Plan for 2023 I have assembled a number of useful tools and resources.


If you haven’t selected a plan yet, see this useful compilation of plan options put together by Reagan Rose. Click here. I don’t love the version of the RMM plan that Reagan uses in this article, so for a different version of that plan, see here.

Audio Bible Helps:

One of the best ways to stay on top of your Bible Reading goals is to integrate audio formats. Most of the plans listed above will have you reading 3-4 chapters of the Bible a day. There are 1189 chapters in the Bible and 365 days in the year, so that works out to 3.25 chapters per day. Some plans have you reading the New Testament and Psalms twice, along with the whole Old Testament twice, so that brings you up to 4 chapters per day. If you plan to do 1 or 2 of those chapters in an audio format while you drive to work or ride the subway, all of the sudden the amount of early morning reading you are required to do is drastically reduced. Here are a few of the best audio Bible tools for whole Bible readers:

The Crossway ESV RMM (M’Cheyne) Plan audio Bible – click here. This reads through all 4 of the daily RMM readings.

The Crossway ESV Straight Through audio Bible – click here. This reads 3 chapters a day in sequence starting with Genesis 1.

The Into the Word app also has a feature that allows you to select any individual chapter of the Bible to listen to, or you can use the “Plan” feature and listen to all 4 readings from the RMM Bible Reading Plan. The app allows you to choose from the ESV, ASV, NIV, NLT or RVA versions. Click here.

Audio Bible And Commentary:

If you want to hear the Bible read and explained, the Into The Word app can assist you with nearly 500 chapters of the Bible. The episodes are typically 15-25 minutes in length, depending upon the length and complexity of the chapter.

To find the series reading and commenting through Genesis see here.

To find the series reading and commenting through Matthew see here.

To find the series reading and commenting through Ezra see here.

To find the series reading and commenting through Acts see here.

To download the Into the Word app so as to access the entire library of content see here.

Other Resources:

If you would like to dig deeper on any particular book of the Bible, the TGC USA website now includes free courses and resource collections. For a collection of resources and material on the Gospel of Matthew see here. For a collection of resources and material on The Book of Genesis see here.

Community and Connection:

It can be really helpful to connect with other Bible readers to ask questions and to share reflections. There is a Read The Bible Facebook page through TGC USA that I help to moderate that you might find useful. You can find it here. I also post short reflections and encouragements on the Into The Word Facebook page which you can find here.

May the Lord bless you and enrich you in every way as you meditate on his Word in 2023.

“My soul longs for your salvation; I hope in your word.” (Psalm 119:81 ESV)


Pastor Paul Carter

If you are interested in more Bible teaching from Pastor Paul you can access the entire library of Into The Word episodes through the Audio tab on the Into the Word website. You can also download the Into The Word app on iTunes or Google Play.