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Why I Am Not A Theonomist

It cannot be denied that theonomists are characterized by a sincere desire to honour Christ as Lord. Neither can it be denied that theonomists, as a group, tend to be very well prepared! But it can be argued, and it is often argued, that they have not yet learned to make their defense with gentleness and respect. And until they do they will not likely serve the corrective function within evangelicalism that they likely would otherwise.

Will This Suffering Make Us Stronger?

Does great suffering result in great strength – moral, personal and spiritual? Does great pain produce great gain in terms of faith, wisdom and understanding?

How The Book Of Job Makes Us Better Friends And Better Christians

One of the reasons that the Book of Job is in the Bible; not the primary reason, but an important reason; is to explore the question of how we should relate to friends and loved ones who are hurting.

If I Were Starting A Denomination From Scratch

To be clear I don’t think that churches have to associate with other churches, but I think it is dangerous and generally unwise not to. Churches that don’t associate are more vulnerable to doctrinal novelty, pastoral bullying and general isolation. Association is complicated and painful, but over the long haul it is worth it.

Semper Reformanda

I don’t think I ever referred to myself as “reformed” before 2014. I grew up in an independent evangelical church; we didn’t even formally associate with an actual denomination until I was a teenager. When I entered the ministry in 1994, to refer to yourself as “reformed” meant roughly “I am Presbyterian” or “I am Dutch”. Since I was neither of those things, I assumed the word had precious little to do with me. However, in the early 2000’s the old evangelical consensus began to fall apart and…

The Carson Rule

We need to be convictional and civil in everything we say and write and Tweet both inside the church and out in the Public Square.

Does God Hate Our Worship?

When the lockdowns and stay at home orders first started to impact the large group gatherings of local churches, the conversation very quickly moved to matters of loyalty and legality.

The Apostles And Civil Law (5 Observations from the Book Of Acts)

As a new faith in a hostile world the early disciples had many run-ins with the law and there is much that we can learn from their example. Chief among those gleanings would be the following 5 observations.

Luther and Calvin on Secular Authority

Controversy sharpens the mind. The church didn’t clarify the doctrine of the Trinity until its substance was being challenged and denied. The same could be said with respect to the doctrine of Christ and later with the doctrine of Scripture. The same may be said today with respect to the doctrine of civil authority.

Is There a Command to Gather in the New Testament?

The terms in this passage could not be any clearer: God commands his people to be subject to the governing authorities. To resist those authorities is to resist God.

A Few Tips on How to Read through the Bible in a Time of Anxiety And Plague

I want to go deeper, I want to feel the refinement of my character, I want to see and savour the person of Jesus Christ as taught and revealed and celebrated in the length and breadth of Scripture. And that was a struggle for me this year – as I imagine it was for many others.

Should I Get The Vaccine?

In 2020 we found ourselves thinking and talking about a variety of things that we hadn’t thought or talked about a great deal in the past: What is sphere Sovereignty? Under what conditions may I defy the civil magistrate? Should I wear a cloth mask? Am I being groomed for future totalitarian overtures? I don’t recall any of those things being dealt with in my seminary curriculum and yet I found myself giving pastoral counsel on all of those things over the course of this most unusual year. …